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  Make your  ANDROID  device more customizable with the  Team Win Recovery Project  (TWRP) Custom Recovery tool, which provides safe access to advanced customization functions.  Use TWRP to try unreleased or unofficial software such as customized versions of the Android OS, beta versions of upcoming releases, or apps that are unavailable on the Google Play Store. Use the TWRP interface to install read-only memory (ROM) files, wipe the device clean, back up the device, and restore the device to factory settings, among other actions. How to Install TWRP on Android This method is universal and works for most Android devices. Attention:  Before installing TWRP Custom Recovery,  root your device , and  unlock its bootloader . Failing to do so causes issues with the installation and can render the device unusable. Also,  back up the device data  before rooting. Go to the Google Play Store, then download and install the  Official TWRP app . Open the app and accept the terms and conditions. Se

Vmos PRO | ROM GOOGLE PIXEL 12 32 & 64Bit | ROOT + Gapps + Xposet Installer

VMOS is a Virtual Machine (VM) based APP software. VMOS can be installed as a normal APP for Linux or Android system through VM technology. This is to run another complete Android system through an app. Also, VMOS is not controlled by the host system. (Android on phone).

VMOS features:

- Create a fake phone environment: Use VMOS to create a virtual Android environment complete with a working Play store and network connectivity. This Android virtual machine will run Android 7.1 and will appear as a native OS with full touch control just like you would use on your main Android system. The Android VM is complete with an app drawer, Google services and some standard apps like a file manager and web browser. You can sign in with your gmail account and access the full Play Store and download new apps too.

- Root support: The virtual machine you create in VMOS can have root access without affecting the primary system. This is a good solution for anyone who wants to run root apps but doesn't have the ability to root their real phone. This is also an essential resource for test application developers. Root access is often required for specific functions of different applications. Developers can now run them without risking corrupting the primary system.

- Multiple accounts and apps: With the ability to run two Android systems on one phone, you can use virtual space to run duplicate apps with different accounts. The VM is a good way to keep your apps and personal accounts separate from work. Log in with your personal email, snapchat, twitter etc. on your main system and then put all your work-related accounts into the VM. You can run VMOS in a floating window, making it easier to switch between systems quickly, giving you faster access to duplicate applications.

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Vmos Pro APK

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